Acquired Taste


Today’s outfit is not about the look, but more about the feel:p
I had a plan to go outside, but since it was rainy this weekend, I decided to try something at home instead.
And I was in mood for some heroin chic.. So I found a tube top that I’ve had for years, and yet it still had the tags on because I have a habit of not tying things on before buying them..So basically this is how I discovered that tube tops are just not right for me on so many levels, but at least it was perfect to pull off that messed up anorexic look I was going for.

heroinchic2 rock n republic jeans rippedjeans1 messylipstick

Wearing: top: fishbone, jeans: Rock & Republic, spiky necklace: River Island, bracelets: Juicy Couture, H&M, ring: River Island

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