Alexander McQueen Chestnut Knucklebox Clutch


I couldn’t just not take any closeups of this clutch, it’s so damn beautiful:

mcqueenchestnut-gold-clutch mcqueenchestnutknuckleboxclutch alexander mcqueen chestnut knuckleduster clutch mcqueen chestnuts mcqueen purple clutch

Its metal parts come somewhat distressed, many McQueen clutches feature this finish.. but it doesn’t really make the clutch look preowned, because the leather is pristine. For some reason I thought it would be hardshelled, but actually the case is padded. The snakeskin leather is also more delicate than it seems. The clutch doesn’t have any inside pockets. As mentioned in previous post, the biggest letdown was that it weighs about 800g which is comparable to the weight of an older generaion ipad. Just too heavy for a clutch of this size.. it also seemed like the knuckleduster part is heavier than the clutch itself..which felt rather off to me.
The clutch is made in Italy, they usually come with a dustbag, some paperwork and a leather sample.

mcqueen-snakeskinclutch alexander mcqueen purple snakeskin clutch

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