April Randomness Post


Last month has been busy, stressful, whatever.. But I managed to do a bit of fun stuff in between..
So I got to visit Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition in Victoria and Albert museum, which was just an incredible experience.
Photography was not allowed so all I brought home with me were crappy candidly shot cell phone pix, which don’t even remotely do it all justice.. you just have to see it all in person. If it wasn’t for the fuss of having to book the tickets way in advance, I’d love to go again.
So if you’re in London between now and August 2, this is a must see. Here are a few of my crappy cell phone pictures anyways



Got a postcard pack featuring dresses from the exhibition and a McQueen print pencil at a souvenir shop:)


Got a couple new necklaces from Forever 21..
Seems like I’m more into cheap jewelry, as I get bored with it too quickly and eventually it goes out of style anyways. So investment wise higher-end bling doesn’t work out for me too well. I’d rather have guilt-free fun with cheap jewelry rather than buy something expensive and resent it couple years later

Looks like miniature jewelry is the big trend this season.. so basically..

On the left: River Island necklace from 2014, on the right: Forever 21 from 2015


Also during the last weekend of April there was a 10% off event at Harrods. Even though 10% may not seem like a significant discount, when you’re buying something pricey it does make a pretty big difference. So I used it as a chance to get a Balenciaga mini city in black. Besides, these bags actually went down in price a bit (in Pounds at least, I think the price in Euros went up) so I guess I could say I got a pretty great deal on this one:)
Anyways here it is, and it is gorgeous!!! Yes, I have one like that in red but they are so different, I think this one needs a separate post, so will have to take more pictures later

balenciaga-mini-city-black balenciaga-mini-city-black1


And this is me basically wandering around Harrods snapping pictures of whatever catches my eye..

Pink snakeskin Balenciaga mini city

New Chanel ‘Flower Power’ Boy flap bag

Adorable Jimmy Choo AVA Clutch

Alexander McQueen 'Mini Padlock' 'Padlock' Croc-Embossed Leather Duffel Bag 'Mini Padlock' Croc-Embossed Leather Duffel Bag Alexander McQueen 'Small Padlock' Leather Duffel Bag

McQueen ‘Padlock’ bags

Alexander McQueen Legend Leather Satchel Bag ALEXANDER MCQUEEN 'Heroine' Laser-Cut Double-Layer Box Clutch

Mcqueen mini Legend, Heroine and mini Padlock bags in blue


valentino-rockstud valentino-rockstud3 valentino-rockstud4

Valentino Rockstud Pumps and flats

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