Balenciaga Mini City Bag in Black Review


This is my second Balenciaga bag. Got it at Harrods during their 10% Rewards event. Since these bags very rarely (but more like never) go on sale, getting one with a 10% off was at least something. Also its UK price going down by £40 this year was an additional excuse to get it:)


I also have a Mini City in ‘Rouge Cardinal’ (you can find my first impressions post here) and I just loved this bag so much I had to have it in two colors.


Red looks amazing and I still love it.. but sometimes it feels almost like you have to style your whole look around it. And with black, the color clashing dilema hardly ever happens.


Also, once I held the black one in hand, it actually had quite a different feel to it. First, it’s the obvious glossy leather finish with more apparent wrinkles and it seems like my red bag has sturdier/thicker leather, whereas the black one is softer and smooshier. So they may look alike, but at least to me they feel very different…


Ways to wear a Mini City:

1. Shoulder



2. Crossbody:

ladyjuliet_balenciagaminicity_black3 ladyjuliet_balenciagaminicity_black4

3. No strap:

4. ‘Ears’ out:

It is actually more convenient to have the ears out, when the zipper slides the whole way to the end inside the bag, it’s very hard to fish it out later on.

5. Mirror in / Mirror out:

Mirror can be detached completely or it can just go into the front pocket. I do like having it attached for the ‘full experience’ and it’s a nice save for the times when you don’t have a mirror with you.. but it does dangle around quite a bit during walking, so it puts a strain on the tassle leather.
Replacement mirrors are available at Balenciaga boutiques provided it’s the current season color, but they are expensive (around $100)

How much it can possibly fit test:

[a pretty big sunglasses case, mac compact, 250ml drink, naked basics palette, tangle teezer brush, some more makeup + some room for more]

Though I don’t think it’s practical to carry this much stuff in it, this is just to see how much it can actually fit.

At the end of the day it’s a pretty small bag, so you can’t fit your whole life into it. Measurements pic from the official site:


The details:

balenciaga-mini-city-mirror-closeup balenciaga-mini-city-handles balenciaga-mini-city-back balenciaga-mini-city-strap balenciaga-mini-city-zipper2 balenciaga-mini-city-zipper31

Sometimes zippers will have a ‘b’ logo in the back instead of ‘lampo’


Mini city bags do not have a silver tag inside.


On the paper tag, the first number is the year, second number is either ‘1’ (Spring/Summer) or ‘3’ (Fall/Winter)
Third number (309544) is the style of the bag
4th number (D94JN) – Type of hardware


Where to buy City Bags:

Official Balenciaga (UK)

Saks Fifth Avenue


Barneys New York


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  • I love how you did measurements and went into the details. Quite a full review ! The bag looks amazing.

    • thank you! well the measurements credit goes to the official site, but the rest of it is mine:)

  • Hi, I really love your review! It’s very helpful and clear! I love the way you wear the bag:)
    by the way, can you help me to check the authority of this balenciaga mini city that I’m seeing? It’d be my first balenciaga.. I try to read review and forums about that and hopefully you can help me! thank you:D

  • Hi! Absolutely the best review on the net. I loooove Balenciaga and just bought the mini in black with the silver, same bag. I love mine, had it two months and it was the most I’d ever spent on a bag 🙂 I think it’s my favourite bag ever!!
    Thanks so much for doing this, kept me sane while I was waiting for net a porter to send it!!

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