It’s Mine! Balenciaga Mini City Bag


I caved in and got a Balenciaga bag! 😀

It’s a Mini City bag in Rouge Cardinal with silver ‘giant’ hardware.


First I had a plan to try and get one of these for less than retail, perhaps on the secondary market, or wait until I’d come across a discounted one somewhere..
But this didn’t really work out.
On ebay new Balenciaga bags cost approximately same as in stores and you can never be 100% certain whether you’re getting a real one or a knockoff.. (I know I’d spend my whole life wondering).
Even secondhand Balenciaga bags go rather high, unless they’re completely trashed.. but I wanted a new one either way.
In US they cost more or less the same as in UK, (almost everything is cheaper in US by 20% vat which they are lucky not to have, but Bal bags seem to be an exception. Depending on the currency fluctuations, they might cost even more in United States), so there was no point in attempting to purchase one in US and smuggle it to UK without paying the duties either.
Just one time I saw them slightly discounted on BrandAlley but there were no colors I wanted anyways..

I set up an account at, and after saving some of the bags to my wishlist I noticed there was only one red mini city left.. which is basically my ultimate Balenciaga bag.. I’m not one of those girls who like to carry their whole life in their bags, so I do like its small size, silver is my preferred color of hardware and even though I love many colors they come in, red is my favorite so I found myself in a now or never situation..

And I got it:)


Yep, the most expensive bag I’ve ever owned, but it was easier to part with money knowing I’m buying something very sought after with a decent resale value. I’m sure I’ve spent much more on ‘affordable’ clothes I’d wear once and throw away, now that’s the case of money completely wasted..


It came in a pretty big box, I’m guessing intended to hold the regular sized City bag, so a little unhappy about it taking so much unnecessary space in the closet.

Tags, papers and leather sample

The mirror can be taken off. There is always a small chance that it might get caught in something accidentally, so I’m still undecided if I should keep it attached or not.

One thing I didn’t like as much were zippers.. they work fine, but quality-wise they just don’t look and feel like they belong to this bag.. they even have visible ‘seam’ lines..and it’s not just my bag, it is apparent on promos too..
Another thing I wish it had is some hardware on the bottom as well, so the leather wouldn’t get worn out too quickly..
But these minor things aside, I’m just totally in love with it, the leather is extremely soft and smooth, the shade of red is just beautiful and I’m still amazed by how lightweight it is. If I were rich, I’d get at least 3 or 4 of these in other colors, but anyways I’m just happy to own at least one:p


Where to buy

As far as I know this color is sold out everywhere, there are a few other colors with this type of hardware available on

Ratailers that sell Balenciaga bags:
in US: Saks Fifth Avenue,,

In UK/EU: mytheresa, matchesfashion, net-a-porter

BrandAlley sometimes has pretty good deals during private Balenciaga sales, but they don’t happen too often and sell out really fast

For sold out bags you can also try ‘preloved’ sites like TheRealReal

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  • Best review I’ve seen!!!!!! I decided to get this bag after not being able to find a basic bag I love and thought I’ve loved the balenciaga look for so long that maybe I should just get a mini! Your pictures are great and the red while not for me is so fun! – deanndre

  • Hi there. I adore tour bag so much.
    If you want to sell this cute bag, olease let me know 🙂
    Thank you for your review

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