Black on Black

Asymetric  Religion dress, biker vest

This time I went to Regents Park to take pictures. Funny how this turned out totally different from what I’d planned. From the location to the look itself.. My initial intention was to shoot near Regents Canal, but the light was still so dull there at 7, so I knew I just had to pass.. so I went to the park to look for a different spot.

biker vest, religion black dress

I liked the light under this tree, so I thought I’d take a few shots and go look further, but instead I was stuck there for like over an hour.. there were plenty people passing by even that early, so I had to take alot of breaks.. In the process my tripod tripped over and my cam fell on the grass.. It was fine, but my lens pretty much broke.. the focus was getting stuck at some point, so I couldn’t take any closeups at all, only full body ones.. so that definitely was a buzzkill.. :/

biker horace vest, black dress

I wasn’t planning on wearing the vest actually.. I just went out like that because it was cool in the morning, I had a more sophisticated vibe in mind, so I brought a clutch, but somehow it felt way out of place, so I didn’t pose with it. Guess the location dictates some of the aspects of the look as well.
But that’s cool anyways, I can do that idea some other time and when I find perfect shoes for it.

I’m wearing Religion dress that I just couldn’t pass up on for £22. Designers clearly didn’t skimp on the tulle, so I thought it was a pretty amazing deal. I love how it’s split into two lengths instead of gradually going from long to short.

black dress religion

The background view which got pretty much overexposed. Too bad you can’t really go there, all behind the fence:
regents park, london

And finally, a pretty annoying looping vid/gif:)

Wearing: Religion dress, Horace Biker Vest, articulated ring: Asos, cuff (unknown), Shoes: (though you can barely see them) Schuh

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