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longlinebikervest2 9livesbikervest

Wow these pictures got stuck on my cf card for a good two months while I was being busy disappearing into oblivion dealing with my inner demons…lol but now i guess it’s time to catch up with the backlog

So this look is on the experimental side for me, just wanted to put together something with a darker industrial vibe.. So I was wearing basic black shorts along with a top and an overlay mesh dress..actually looking forward to create more looks with it..
And I thought would be interesting to experiment with this long line biker vest..Got annoyed with the XS size that feels more like L..but good thing that I got it with ifchic coins (well, long story..)

ninelivesvestdress bikervestdress12 longlinebikervest5


to be kept locked shut.. why? what (or who?) are they hiding there damnit??

Wearing: Nine Lives Vest Dress, H&M mesh overlay dress, Forever 21 shorts, Topshop sunglasses, Alexander HiTek watch, Bershka top, Janet&Janet sneakers

Regent’s Park

Karen Millen Signature Biker jacket, snowleopard print dress, miista knee high boots
Queen Mary’s Gardens must be the most amazing part of the Regent’s Park, so I don’t know why it took me this long to go there with my camera..


This is a bit of a spring meets summer look, shot while the weather was still cool enough for tall boots

[i know my hair looks like i’m not even trying.. no matter what i do with it beforehand, whenever i get anywhere close to water, everything goes back to its original state of suck.]

regentspark_bridge karenmillenjacket_back snowleoparddress2 snowleoparddress3 regentspark234 kaosdress_miistaemiboots

not fat, just wearing two layers:p I didn’t have the right tshirt for the dress, so I just wore another dress under the leopard one..which added to the bulk clearly



swans.. looking rather judgy..

BT tower view from the rose gardens

regentspark_roses regentspark_gate regentspark_goose

Karen Millen Signature biker jacket (similar color here)
Kaos dresses
Miista ‘Emi’ boots
Forever21 necklaces

Tower Bridge

ladyjuliet_towerbridge ladyjuliet_karenmillenjacket ladyjuliet_towerbridge2

I love this place because you get to see so many awesome things at once.. the iconic Tower Bridge itself, Tower of London, The City Hall and some of the London’s tallest skyscrapers..

karen millen maroon jacket, balenciaga mini city, tommy hilfiger jeans, jeffrey campbell boots

Wearing casual biker jacket & skinny jeans with maybe a bit less casual boots and my new Balenciaga mini city bag which must be my favorite bag of the moment, or even ever:)

karen millen biker jacket, jeffrey campbell platforms, tommy hilfiger skinny jeans

Got lucky to get these semidecent shots before I got exhaled by security all the way onto the grass like two meters to the right from where I had been shooting. Sheesh.

tower bridge

Tower Bridge London

The camera decided not to focus on me, but I kinda like this shot anyways..

Balenciaga Mini City Black jeffreycampbell_ballistic towerbridge_london towerbridge_london2


Karen Millen Signature Biker Jacket
Mine is sold out, but same style in a very similar color here or other color options here

Balenciaga Mini City bag in black:

Jeffrey Campbell ‘Ballistic’ Platforms, Tommy Hilfiger Jeans, Bershka Top, Forever 21 Necklace, H&M ring

Ruffle Drama

Miss Selfridge Ruffle dress

So many ruffles.. is it really my style? Probably not. I guess back in the day I was much more into creative photography, so I got this MissSelfridge dress thinking I could use it in a photoshoot or something, which never happened and I totally forgot about it until recently. So I thought I could at least make some use of it and feature it on my blog. It did turn out to be quite photogenic I must say. So I added a ton of jewelry to edge it up and here goes..

ladyjuliet_ruffle_dress ladyjuliet-ruffledress missselfridge-ruffledress missselfridge-dress

The bracelets are from different years and brands. Topshop, H&M, Asos, you name it.

Experiment 36


I really love this time of year. Blossoms everywhere, trees leafing out, but most importantly, this when I finally get to wear all of my jackets.
I already showed off this jacket once in the other post, but haven’t properly raved about it..
So here goes.. I just love it! I have a few Karen Millen jackets and this might just be my favorite one.

karen millen long line biker jacket, miista over the knee boots

It’s actually completely different from their ‘signature’ biker jackets style. Besides the obvious longer length, the locations of the zippers are different, no elbow pads, so the sleeves are narrower. Also it has two buckles on the sides and no decorative belt in the back. And of course the shape.. it’s very narrow in the chest and waist area, but it tapers quite a bit from the waist down, so it looks really flattering. At least while it’s zipped.
Since it’s longer I thought it might as well be a bit warmer, but there’s really no difference in lining.. so it’s just a regular biker jacket for warmer spring/fall days. Still works for me, because my old black jacket had to be retired anyways.

Miista suede boots, Karen Millen biker jacket floraldress-bikerjacket karenmillenjacket-floraldress2 kmjacket-closeup

Black & White edition:

Karen Millen Longer line biker jacket

Karen Millen Longer line biker jacket
* the decency shorts are technically not a part of the look, I just put them on to not flash anything when I’m on my knees messing with my camera, was too lazy photoshop them out.



Karen Millen ‘Longer line biker jacket’
My version is sold out, but there’s a same style in navy with different zippers (but higher price tag) available here

Miista ‘EMI’ suede boots

Ginger Fizz Dress, Steve Madden purse, Asos sunglasses