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It’s not Me, it’s You

It's not me, it's you river island top, jeffrey campbell shoop red shoes
If I had to describe my personality in five words, that probably would be it.. love this top!
River island its not me its you top

Also wearing Jeffrey Campbell ‘Shoop’ platforms which I have a love hate relationship with, but I wrote about that earlier. And one of my Alexander HiTek watches, this one I thought would go well with the rectangular patch on the top.

studdedpurse notmeyou2 ladyjuliet-ahitekwatch jeffreycampbell-shoopshoes1

Wearing: Top and ring: River Island, Jeffrey Campbell ‘Shoop’ shoes, leggings: ebay, studded purse: Steve Madden, watch: Alexander HiTek

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Lavender Fix

Karen Millen purple dress, Alexander McQueen chestnut clutch Karen Millen Lilac Dress, Mcqueen knuckle duster clutch

I’m kinda obsessed with McQueen knuckle box clutches. If I were rich, I’d have a huge collection of those, but as for now they are way out of my price range..
I don’t usually practice this type of thing, but I ordered it just to to be able to hold it in my hands and look at it, maybe take a picture..(or 500 lol) But to be honest, once I got it, I wasn’t too tempted to keep it because it was just way too heavy. It wasn’t even the clutch itself, but the knuckleduster and chestnuts part which was so weighty that it made the clutch pretty difficult/uncomfortable to handle. Sure thing, I could be admiring it forever, but I just knew I wouldn’t really enjoy actually walking around with it.

alexander-mcqueen-chestnutclutch kmlilacdress

(Also wearing a silk Karen Millen dress that I found on ebay for a couple of pounds:p)


mcqueen-chestnut-purpleclutch mcqueen-knucklebox-clutch

All Dressed Up Nowhere To Go


First post in a loong while.. one upside of having a blog that no one reads is that there is no pressure to update it regularly:p
Well I’ve been pretty busy with trying to improve my money situation, so actually I couldn’t afford to do much shopping lately. The only things I got in last couple months was this crappy h&m top, couple more h&m things and heavily marked down bebe shorts. Not that I don’t have enough stuff in the back of the closet, but I guess I feel more ‘inspired’ or whatever, whenever I’m wearing ‘something new’ in my outfit posts.
But another reason I couldn’t get any pictures done was my new hair color. Which lead to a pretty big dilemma, since I had no extensions set to match it..
My first solution was to dye the set I was currently using with the same dye. But that went awfully wrong. As it turned out, my 100% human hair extensions had synthetic fillers, so half of the mix turned out auburn just like my hair, but the other half remained light brown which looked pretty awful.. so I ordered two new extension sets in auburn. But both turned out to be a pretty crappy match to my color, so I sent them back. Then I got another pretty expensive set from a different retailer which claimed to be a no mix real hair.. but after a close inspection I got an impression that the set had fillers as well, and I didnt want to risk ruining another set with dye experiments.. So then I bought another set and finally I got actual 100% real hair which dyed beautifully and now matched my hair color perfectly. Obviously, this whole trial and error process took forever.. but I do like the change alot, can’t stand my boring natural color.


And yeah, the nails on my left hand have been getting ridiculously long..I probably should cut them because it’s getting harder to get stuff done, but i’m just curious to see how much longer can they get?


So yeah, the outfit. Wearing the aforementioned black top along with a sequin skirt/top from ebay. I like the way sequins look paired up with the high top sneakers. And guess you can never go wrong with those mock over the knee tights. They always look better than the real over the knee socks for some reason. (Tried on both versions, this one won)

alldressedupnowheretogo alldressedupnowheretogo1 missselfridgespikenecklace1

Wearing: top: H&M, skirt/top: ebay, shoes: Janet&Janet, ring: River Island, Gipsy tights

Halloween Chic


So this would be my first fall look of the year, yay.
My main idea here was to put together something halloween themed.. but not straightforward macabre, just a look which is slightly halloween inspired.

bebe snakeskin print jacket, floppy hat
I’m wearing snakeskin print bebe jacket, a loosely knit black sweater(possibly backwards, but since it came without a label i figured it could go both ways:p), forever 21 lace dress, Batilda boots and my Brenda bag

halloweenchic1 punksweater-floppyhat halloweenchic3

Guess I could say I learned to walk in these without being paranoid about falling all the time (except when I walk down the stairs), so glad they didn’t turn out to be those shoes that just stay in the box forever because walking in them is just torture

miistabatilda-boots2 halloweenchic5 alexanderwang-brendanag2 floppyhat32 halloweenchic4 alexanderwang-brendanag1 leaves2

Fall in Regents park:

leaves3 regentspark12

Wearing: jacket: bebe, dress: Forever 21, sweater: ebay, floppy hat: Catarzi, boots: Miista ‘Batilda’, bag: Alexander Wang ‘Brenda’, ring: Asos