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Guilty Pleasure

Pastel Pink hair, black corset, jeffrey campbell scully

This may not be the most authentic representation of the everyday me, but whatever, it’s just something I like doing.. dress up and have some fun taking pictures:p

Pastel Goth style, pastel pink wig, black studded corset

So yep this look must’ve been somewhat pastel goth inspired, I like the style when it’s not too over the top

Hot Topic Corset, Bershka shorts, pink hair

Jeffrey Campbell Scully platforms, they seem to be selling out quickly, so I thought there’s no point in waiting till they go on sale.
Obviously not feeling very special about myself, as every blogger on the block has a pair, but I love them so much I don’t care.
It would be nice to have a back version too, but they’re so expensive here I’ll probably have to pass.

Wearing: Corset: Hot Topic, Shorts: bershka, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell ‘Scully’, Cross necklace: TopShop, Ring: River Island, misc bangles: Asos, ebay

Yes, No, Maybe?

Victorias Secret White Babydoll. Rock n Republic Jeans, Carvella Eris Victorias Secret White Babydoll. Rock n Republic Jeans, Carvella Eris

Just a basic around the house outfit lol I’m still looking for that hideously awesome looking vintage ivory sheer top, but for now.. this Victoria’s Secret babydoll will do

Miss Selfridge Collar Flower girl

And these will be my new profile pix..


Wearing: Babydoll: Victoria’s Secret, pink top: bershka, jeans: Rock’n’Republic, shoes: Kurt Geiger Carvella ‘Eris’, collar: Miss Selfridge

Pretty in Pastel

All saints denin shirt, pink tutu skirt, studded Mia bag
It turned out to be pretty hard to find the right pieces to go with a tutu skirt, most of the options I tried just made it look too grotesque or over the top (just no way right). So I went with a very casual top and pastel color scheme.
denim shirt, new look top, pink tulle skirt
mia bag, pink tutu skirt, miss selfridge heels
denim shirt, mia bag
Spike covered white Mia bag
This stud covered Mia bag is just too adorable. I usually don’t expect too much from purses under $100 (I bought this one for £51 on yoox), so I actually was pleasantly surprised when I got it.. It doesn’t really have a cheap vibe about it, and solid hardware also helps alot..
Ivory Studded Mia Bag
Juicy Couture Rhinestone chain bracelet
Juicy rocks:)
I got this Karma bracelet without really knowing that they were a fad. I just thought it’s just what it was randomly called, but actually there is some meaning behind them.
The disk/circle is supposed represent the idea of things you do eventually coming back to you and it is meant to be a reminder to keep your thoughts positive..or something?
Not so sure what is so crucial about it being a karma bracelet and not karma coffee mug or karma phone case or desktop screensaver, but anyways I got mine just because I liked the look of it.
Juicy Couture, Karma bracelet
Miss Selfridge heels I featured already in a different look, but here they are again:
Miss Selfridge Presley Sandals
Guess you can’t expect much from shoes under $100 either:p

Wearing: denim shirt: All Saints, tshirt: New Look, skirt: bershka, shoes: Presley, Miss Selfridge, bag: Mia, jewelry: Juicy Couture (rhinestone chain bracelet), Jamie Jewellery (Karma Bracelet), Jack Wills (stars charms bracelet)

Sleep When I’m Dead

glamorous studded shorts topshop shades

Was shooting this when it was getting dark on a cloudy day, so most of it turned out like that.. face in focus, body isn’t or vice versa, as I had to shoot with the apeture wide open..


Was so happy to find a top that I can actually relate to:p

riverisland spike crystals necklace
Love this necklace! goes with pretty much anything.. or at least anything I’d wear..


Rebecca Minkoff 5 Zip bag I talked about in earlier post


Wearing: tank top: Religion, shorts: Glamorous, bag: Rebecca Minkoff ‘5 zip’ Mini, shoes: Janet&Janet, beanie: New Look, sunglasses: TopShop, Necklace: River Island, Ring: New Look, spiky bracelet: Asos, mint green one: idk..

Behind The Closet Doors

bershka shorts, miista batilda boots, iconic couture, sex pistols tshirt, topshop sunglasses
I don’t really like shooting with wide angle..I think it cheapens everything out, at least when the subject is a human being. But when the things are not supposed to be taken too seriously, it can be fun..
sex pistols t-shirt, iconic couture, bershka shorts, topshop sunglasses
I’m pretty much against this pretentious wearing-ancient-bands-you-don’t-even-listen-to-tshirts trend, but whatcha gonna do if you happen to like the shirt itself?..
The embellishments aren’t printed on, those are actually all crystals, it looks amazing in person.

Wearing: t-shirt: Iconic Couture, shorts: bershka, sunglasses: Topshop, boots: ‘Batilda’ Miista, Gipsy ‘Mock over the knee’ tights, bracelets: h&m (pearls), Topshop (spikes)