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Playing with Naked Smoky Palette

Naked Smoky

So I ended up getting Naked Smoky palette. At first I wasn’t sure if I really needed it, but I tried it out in store and decided that I probably do..

I won’t do swatches or anything, there must be a ton of them on all over the web already, so just a quick personal opinion here

naked smoky palette

Yep, I didnt get too adventurous with the makeup, it’s just a classic smoky eye.. I mostly used Slanted and Dagger . Whiskey on the lower lid, High on the brow bone


I have Naked 2 palette and to be honest I’m not using it as much as I thought I would. Long story short, most colors are too warm and metallic/shimmery for me, so the smoky one is much more up my alley.
As for the case, I do prefer the Naked 2 tin..I’m not sure if acrylic will look as fancy overtime, as it’s very prone to scratching, but it does still have an expensive feel about it with the magnetic closure and actual hinges


As for the eyeshadows, I’m not sure if the palette could stand completely on its own. It doesn’t have a pure matte black shadow which is kinda essential for the smoky eye look. Black Market is quite dark, but not the blackest black and it’s shimmery too, so not that great for eyeliner purposes.
Naked 2 and Naked Basics have just the most perfect matte blacks anyways, so personally I don’t mind that it’s not there.
And I also thought it could use some more dove grey / light brown shades, for the less dramatic look. So guess, Naked 2 Basics actually completes it rather perfectly.

I didn’t like Armor one at all, as it’s very glittery and the specks don’t stick too well, so it ends up being scattered all over my probably won’t use that one at all.
The warmer shades Dirtysweet and Radar also feel like something from Naked 2, so obviously wasn’t too thrilled with those two either, but aside from all that I’m loving it:)


The brush from Naked 2 vs Naked Smoky (Naked 2 one is flat shaped and the one from smoky is round)


Naked Smoky vs Naked 2 vs Naked 2 Basics vs Naked Basics


Where To Buy:


Naked Smoky: US | UK

Naked 2: US | UK

Naked Basics: US | UK

Naked 2 Basics: UK

Balenciaga Mini City Bag in Black Review


This is my second Balenciaga bag. Got it at Harrods during their 10% Rewards event. Since these bags very rarely (but more like never) go on sale, getting one with a 10% off was at least something. Also its UK price going down by £40 this year was an additional excuse to get it:)


I also have a Mini City in ‘Rouge Cardinal’ (you can find my first impressions post here) and I just loved this bag so much I had to have it in two colors.


Red looks amazing and I still love it.. but sometimes it feels almost like you have to style your whole look around it. And with black, the color clashing dilema hardly ever happens.


Also, once I held the black one in hand, it actually had quite a different feel to it. First, it’s the obvious glossy leather finish with more apparent wrinkles and it seems like my red bag has sturdier/thicker leather, whereas the black one is softer and smooshier. So they may look alike, but at least to me they feel very different…

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Jeffrey Campbell ‘Ballistic’ Platforms

Jeffrey Campbell Ballistic platform boots

It all started with a desire to get Scully platforms in black, but then I figured since Jeffrey Campbell has a pretty big selection of chunky heeled platforms, there’s no good reason to settle for a model that I already have. So I went for the boots called ‘Ballistic’.

I just needed something to go well with about anything and I felt like these would be just perfect, as esentially they’re pretty basic lace up boots, but at the same time the double tiered platform and extra high matte wooden heels make them really stand out.


They’re pretty comfortable, at least for the shoes of this heel height..but since they are still pretty steep despite the platform, after a couple of hours they start to hurt (especially if you’re lugging around with 4kg worth of photography equipment)
So guess they could use a bit extra padding(like all JC shoes basically), but the exterior leather is super soft, so at least no blisters even after the first wear.. so bottomline, I’m happy with them:)


Alexander McQueen Chestnut Knucklebox Clutch


I couldn’t just not take any closeups of this clutch, it’s so damn beautiful:

mcqueenchestnut-gold-clutch mcqueenchestnutknuckleboxclutch alexander mcqueen chestnut knuckleduster clutch mcqueen chestnuts mcqueen purple clutch

Its metal parts come somewhat distressed, many McQueen clutches feature this finish.. but it doesn’t really make the clutch look preowned, because the leather is pristine. For some reason I thought it would be hardshelled, but actually the case is padded. The snakeskin leather is also more delicate than it seems. The clutch doesn’t have any inside pockets. As mentioned in previous post, the biggest letdown was that it weighs about 800g which is comparable to the weight of an older generaion ipad. Just too heavy for a clutch of this size.. it also seemed like the knuckleduster part is heavier than the clutch itself..which felt rather off to me.
The clutch is made in Italy, they usually come with a dustbag, some paperwork and a leather sample.

mcqueen-snakeskinclutch alexander mcqueen purple snakeskin clutch

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5 Things I Wish I Never Bought in 2014

This is not a bashing post, just strictly subjective reflections on the products that did not work for me personally. The obvious duds usually get returned, these are just the products that seemed like a good idea at first, but turned out to be disappointing in one way or the other later.

1. Lace corsets from NastyGal

These crop bustier corsets seemed to be very popular last summer, so I jumped on the bandwagon as well. Since they were on sale, I got greedy and got them in two colors.
So I totally hate how they fit me. They are really narrow in the back, which makes them extremely tight in the waist area..and that makes the belly fat stick out which is not a pretty picture. And the top part is way too loose.. so it looks like hell and is really uncomfortable.

2. Scott Cornwall ‘Decolour’ Color Remover


So I did use it and it did what it promised to do: the dyed parts of my hair went 1-2 shades lighter, so my roots were no longer as noticeable, BUT! It was THE stinkiest hair product I ever used in my whole life! And the worst part was that the stink was pretty much permanent. For around two months my hair smelled of rotten eggs and once that finally ‘aired out’, for a long while I could still sense it when my hair was wet. And I wash my hair every other day. Now it’s been over 6 months since I used it and the stench is completely gone, but omg never again.

3. GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment Mask

well this is a very interesting product. What lured me in were the pictures of the mask ‘in action’.
At a first glance it seems like the mask is truly capable of extracting blackheads, which is something I never had much success with. The mask retails for £45 / $70 which pretty damn expensive for a tiny 34g jar, but it also makes you think ‘theen it must really work right..?’
It also had alot of raving reviews from beauty bloggers, so out of desperation I decided to try it myself.
Well it’s hard to figure out what it really really does, so I can only guess..
When it’s wet/still in the jar it has this dark grey color.. but as it dries out, it turns light grey.. so imo those black dots you see it’s just patches of mask that haven’t changed color. Perhaps it’s the oil in the skin that keeps it dark or sth.. i’m pretty sure it doesnt extract all that much because then you’d be able to see at least something on top or under the mask, but if you really look at it, the surface above the pores remains mostly just flat.
After I wash it off, the skin does have a very cleared up appearance, the blackheads are much less visible but I can tell everything is still there. And the skin also feels extremely dried out, which is never a good thing, as dryness will cause the skin to get oily again in no time. So that ‘wow’ clear skin effect doesn’t last very long. After a day or less it comes back to how it was before..
So it didn’t do what I thought it would. Just left a terrible dry skin feeling and questionable on the surface purifying effect..
I will have to use it up so that the money wouldn’t be completely wasted, but not buying again, as i don’t really think it’s worth it for me.

4. Maybelline ColorShow Nailpolishes

I do like Maybelline products but.. these nailpolishes kinda suck.. They both have a pretty thin consistency. The ‘Ocean Blue’ one has this beautiful rich electric blue shade in bottle but when painted on it’s just plain boring medium blue and ‘Electric Yellow’ one is almost transparent and I didn’t care for the shade as well.. Never buying anything from this range again.

And speaking of nailpolishes, here’s another one that came with a ‘surprise’
Revlon ‘Moonlit Woods’
I do love the color alot, but I didn’t pay attention to the label when I bought it (because why on earth would I do that?)
As it turned out this ‘Parfumerie’ line comes scented.. (as if nailpolishes didn’t stink enough on their own)
Though I could see why some might actually fancy the idea of scented polishes, since i’m allergic to 99.9% of chemical smells, I’m extremely irritated by it..I couldn’t go to bed with it, so i don’t know how long it really lasts, but since it hasnt aired out in 8-10 hours, the scent seems to be pretty persistent.

5. Jeffrey Campbell ‘Shoop’ platforms

I hate to admit this, but since I haven’t worn them even once to this day, I probably should never gotten these shoes either.
I still like them actually, just these shoes are not the type that ‘will go well with everything’..
And I also made a mistake by not ordering a half size up. I got them in US7 ( which is the size I get for flats) and they are tighter than they should be.
So seeing how stiff they feel, I’m sure they could turn into torture heels in no time.
And another let down is that the platform is made of this porous rubber material which is a dust/dirt magnet, so they are likely to lose their luster rather fast.
So I don’t know now. I don’t want to part with them, because they are so unique looking, but I’m not very enthusiastic about wearing them either:/