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Rebecca Minkoff Hot Red ‘Elle’ Mini Bag Review


I already had a Scarlet Elle bag with gold hardware once, but I wasn’t bonding with it.. Mostly because of my expectations vs the actual bag coloring. So when Rebecca Minkoff came out with a silver hardware version, I decided to try for it again. And I have to say I do like the ‘Hot Red’ version of Elle much better.

Rebecca Minkoff Elle mini bag

The main color is as intense, but the hue is cooler toned comparing to the first bag which was warmer, more orangish red. It is not the neon type of color that literally hurts your eyes when you look at it, but it’s still striking enough.


The closure is something I preferred in the first bag though.. It’s finished with a piece of leather glued to the buckle.. I guess it’s only a matter of time until the leather begins to peel / gets damaged. Should’ve been finished with something more durable.


It is lined with dull black fabric, inside there is just one zipperless compartment.


And there is a zippered pocket in the back:

On the sides there are working zippers which extend the purse
Hot red elle bag rebecca minkoff

Detachable tag with Rebecca Minkoff logo:
Rebecca Minkoff Elle tag

The strap length is adjustable:

Metal feet at the bottom:

I can’t seem to shake off the feeling that it’s more bulky and oversized than it should be, but again I’m a fan of smaller sized purses. Obviously, if you zip up the zippers on the sides it will appear smaller, but that would make the purse look kinda squished, so I have a feeling the zippers are mostly decorative rather than practical.

Another thing I don’t really like is how heavy it is.. It weighs almost 0.8kg (1.76pounds) when it’s empty. But guess it’s only logical if you want all that cool extra stuff like studs, chunky hardware and zipper tassels, you have to carry it around as well.

The construction of the bag feels very sturdy, I like bags which look the same when they are full and when they are empty.. the front side might get bent a bit if you store it empty for a while..but it’s still not the soft leather type bag which loses its shape way too easily

rebecca minkoff hot red elle bag silver hardware rebeccaminkoff-elle-hotred-silver-hardware3

The bag retails for $395, which I think is a bit on the overpriced side.. its sale/secondary market price anywhere between $100-250 feels just about right when it comes to quality and just overall feel to it.

The color options from the same collection with identical style and hardware:
Hot Red, Black, White, Acid Yellow, Nude and Pale Pink

Jeffrey Campbell Scully Review

Jeffrey Campbell White Scully in boxj

These platforms are just mindblowingly awesome, so they were an absolute must have for me, despite being a little too popular lately.

Jeffrey Campbell Scully Platforms Jeffrey Campbell Scully heels

The color is snow white, not off white or ivory. One thing that bugs me is that sole rubber color is a little darker than the rest of the shoe.
They also come in all black and black with white sole versions:

Heels and sole seem rather scratch and dent prone, obviously the fact that they’re white doesn’t help.. It’s the case where numerous scratches and dirt will not add much charm to the shoe..

Comfortable or not, that’s a subjective matter. Even though they have a 2″ platform, you still end up with 4″ inch heels to walk on. One thing that helps is that the heel is very wide, keeps you very steady on the ground

I got them in US 7.5. Nasty Gal has a weird size conversion chart. According to it 7.5 translates to 38, but pretty much everywhere else it’s 37.5.. so as for 37.5 they’re true to size, might be a lil tight for 38

They are on the heavy side, each shoe weighs a bit over 700gr. The velcro strap can be removed, but given their weight, it does actually help them stay on

Scully heels Jeffrey Campbell Scully hite back view Jeffrey Campbell Scully white JC scully scullydetail2

Supposedly they are a ‘knockoff’ of Stella McCartney ‘Kristy’ platforms.

stella mccartney kristy

I think Jeffrey Cambpell took a great idea and turned it into something even better. Of course the $800 ones will be less ‘rough around the edges’, but when it comes to the style itself, I think JC wins
In the meanwhile there are a few knockoffs of Scully out there:

River Island, £60 (sold out)
Truffle, £50 (sold out)

To sum it up:

+ Despite the thick platform, they are still high 4″ inch heels
+ Heels and soles aren’t very damage resistant
+ Mismatching color of rubber sole
+ A little heavy
+ Too mainstream:p

+ Chunky heel, so not shaky at all
+ True to size (imo)
+ Killer look

Heel Height: 6″ (15cm)
Platform height: 2″ (5cm)

Where to buy:

in US: SoleStruck, NastyGal, Jeffrey Campbell
In UK: most probably sold out in UK stores, so you can try looking on ebay. Jeffrey Campbell shoes are available at or, so you can keep an eye on these in case if they come back in stock.

Scully on Solestruck:

Scully on NastyGal:

Rebecca Minkoff ‘5 Zip’ Mini Crossbody Bag Review

rebecca minkoff 5zip mini crossbody in mint
I’ve always wanted a bag in mint green and I’ve been considering Rebecca Minkoff 5 zip minis for a once I came across one in ‘mint’ with an outlet price tag, I thought I shouldn’t pass the oportunity up:)
rebecca minkoff 5zip bag in mint green
The color is very close to the ‘classic’ mint green shade. Although in some pictures this purse appears to have a pretty intense aqua color, in person it doesn’t look too saturated. But still, it’s not a subdued ‘nearly grey’ shade of mint either..
rebecca minkoff zippers + call me vincent card
Tbh I’m not sure if it lives up to its original price tag of $195. It definitely doesn’t look ‘cheap’, but I wouldn’t say it has a feel of extreme luxury about it either and with the amount of hype surrounding Rebecca Minkoff bags, you sort of expect something really extra special.
But I didn’t pay full price, so I don’t feel ripped off at all. I love all the chunky hardware and tasseled zippers and the studded leather /chain strap.

rebecca minkoff 5zip bag studded strap rebecca-minkoff-5zip-bag-bottom

The chain part on both sides can be doubled up to make the strap shorter, but I’m not a fan of how it looks, besides I think its default length is perfect already.

One thing I don’t like is that the zipper lining color is not a 100% match to the leather, zippers are more baby blue rather than green.

And it’s a bit weird how they are called ‘5 zip’ while some of these bags don’t have a pocket in the back, and mine is just like that. So technically it’s a 4 zipper bag really.

Only one of the three exterior pockets is actually functional, which once again can vary across the bags, some ‘5 Zip’s might come with two useable pockets.


And it also comes with dustbag matching the bag lining:


Where to buy:

As of now, these get more harder to come by, though not discontinued completely.
Try looking under ‘Handbags’ on the official RM site.

It’s Mine! Balenciaga Mini City Bag


I caved in and got a Balenciaga bag! 😀

It’s a Mini City bag in Rouge Cardinal with silver ‘giant’ hardware.


First I had a plan to try and get one of these for less than retail, perhaps on the secondary market, or wait until I’d come across a discounted one somewhere..
But this didn’t really work out.
On ebay new Balenciaga bags cost approximately same as in stores and you can never be 100% certain whether you’re getting a real one or a knockoff.. (I know I’d spend my whole life wondering).
Even secondhand Balenciaga bags go rather high, unless they’re completely trashed.. but I wanted a new one either way.
In US they cost more or less the same as in UK, (almost everything is cheaper in US by 20% vat which they are lucky not to have, but Bal bags seem to be an exception. Depending on the currency fluctuations, they might cost even more in United States), so there was no point in attempting to purchase one in US and smuggle it to UK without paying the duties either.
Just one time I saw them slightly discounted on BrandAlley but there were no colors I wanted anyways..

I set up an account at, and after saving some of the bags to my wishlist I noticed there was only one red mini city left.. which is basically my ultimate Balenciaga bag.. I’m not one of those girls who like to carry their whole life in their bags, so I do like its small size, silver is my preferred color of hardware and even though I love many colors they come in, red is my favorite so I found myself in a now or never situation..

And I got it:)


Yep, the most expensive bag I’ve ever owned, but it was easier to part with money knowing I’m buying something very sought after with a decent resale value. I’m sure I’ve spent much more on ‘affordable’ clothes I’d wear once and throw away, now that’s the case of money completely wasted..

My Tiffany & Co Diary

tiffanydiary6 tiffanydiary9

Yes, this notebook is identical to one of Gossip Girl Blair’s diaries (as seen in S05e24) and yes, I pretty much had been brainwashed by the show into getting one.


These journals came in 3 colors, tiffany blue, red and platinum, price tag – $175.
It was a pita to acquire though.. The official Tiffany site doesn’t ship internationally and even if you have a shipping address in US, they wouldn’t accept a non US-issued credit card.. And then it sold out. So at first I went for an alternative. I found the very identical notebooks by Graphic Image, they just came in different colors than Tiffany ones. Bought one in red with golden hardware for half the price of the tiffany journal, but in the end I still wasn’t completely satisfied..
So eventually I ended up hunting one down on ebay and now I am actually happy

tiffanydiary4 tiffanydiary5

Graphic Image vs Tiffany:


The difference is that Tiffany’s has slightly nicer quality hardware and more matte finish to the leather and obviously, it comes in nicer packaging. Stuff like measurements, paper etc is identical. I just like them both.