Grey Cardigan


That moment when you arrive on location, pick a spot with good light, put a camera on a tripod, fire a testshot and then realise the intrvalometer is not connecting to the receiver, which means I can’t take any pictures without touching the camera. I then realized I did have a backup remote in my bag saved up just for the snafu moments like this one, but it was hardly functional. Working once per every 3 releases maybe.. so it’s quite astonishing that I don’t look like i’m about to murder someone on all of these pictures. Didn’t end up with too many shots to choose from though, so it is what it is…

longlinecardigan12 asoscardigan-bershkashorts2 greycardigan13 greycardigan1 greycardigan2 greycardigan14 greycardigan15 primrosehill23 primrosehillskyline

wearing: top and shorts: bershka, cardigan: ASOS, shoes: Ash, bag: Alexander Wang, necklace: Forever 21

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