Guilty Pleasure

Pastel Pink hair, black corset, jeffrey campbell scully

This may not be the most authentic representation of the everyday me, but whatever, it’s just something I like doing.. dress up and have some fun taking pictures:p

Pastel Goth style, pastel pink wig, black studded corset

So yep this look must’ve been somewhat pastel goth inspired, I like the style when it’s not too over the top

Hot Topic Corset, Bershka shorts, pink hair

Jeffrey Campbell Scully platforms, they seem to be selling out quickly, so I thought there’s no point in waiting till they go on sale.
Obviously not feeling very special about myself, as every blogger on the block has a pair, but I love them so much I don’t care.
It would be nice to have a back version too, but they’re so expensive here I’ll probably have to pass.

Wearing: Corset: Hot Topic, Shorts: bershka, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell ‘Scully’, Cross necklace: TopShop, Ring: River Island, misc bangles: Asos, ebay

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  • How did you rip those beautiful tights that bad? I hope you didn’t rip them on purpose..

    • haha well yea, that’s actually exactly what happened, not much of an interesting story there:p

      • But whyyyyy? Those tights were really awesome. Do you still have them?

        • okay this is getting slightly disturbing.. these were just generic single use tights and you’re freaking out like I just ruined a chanel purse. you’d better be trolling

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