Jeffrey Campbell Scully Review

Jeffrey Campbell White Scully in boxj

These platforms are just mindblowingly awesome, so they were an absolute must have for me, despite being a little too popular lately.

Jeffrey Campbell Scully Platforms Jeffrey Campbell Scully heels

The color is snow white, not off white or ivory. One thing that bugs me is that sole rubber color is a little darker than the rest of the shoe.
They also come in all black and black with white sole versions:

Heels and sole seem rather scratch and dent prone, obviously the fact that they’re white doesn’t help.. It’s the case where numerous scratches and dirt will not add much charm to the shoe..

Comfortable or not, that’s a subjective matter. Even though they have a 2″ platform, you still end up with 4″ inch heels to walk on. One thing that helps is that the heel is very wide, keeps you very steady on the ground

I got them in US 7.5. Nasty Gal has a weird size conversion chart. According to it 7.5 translates to 38, but pretty much everywhere else it’s 37.5.. so as for 37.5 they’re true to size, might be a lil tight for 38

They are on the heavy side, each shoe weighs a bit over 700gr. The velcro strap can be removed, but given their weight, it does actually help them stay on

Scully heels Jeffrey Campbell Scully hite back view Jeffrey Campbell Scully white JC scully scullydetail2

Supposedly they are a ‘knockoff’ of Stella McCartney ‘Kristy’ platforms.

stella mccartney kristy

I think Jeffrey Cambpell took a great idea and turned it into something even better. Of course the $800 ones will be less ‘rough around the edges’, but when it comes to the style itself, I think JC wins
In the meanwhile there are a few knockoffs of Scully out there:

River Island, £60 (sold out)
Truffle, £50 (sold out)

To sum it up:

+ Despite the thick platform, they are still high 4″ inch heels
+ Heels and soles aren’t very damage resistant
+ Mismatching color of rubber sole
+ A little heavy
+ Too mainstream:p

+ Chunky heel, so not shaky at all
+ True to size (imo)
+ Killer look

Heel Height: 6″ (15cm)
Platform height: 2″ (5cm)

Where to buy:

in US: SoleStruck, NastyGal, Jeffrey Campbell
In UK: most probably sold out in UK stores, so you can try looking on ebay. Jeffrey Campbell shoes are available at or, so you can keep an eye on these in case if they come back in stock.

Scully on Solestruck:

Scully on NastyGal:

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