My Trip to Harrods


Harrods is an upscale department store where you can find everything and anything ranging from expensive to outrageously overpriced. Of course I don’t really do any actual shopping there. To me, Harrods is like a recreational venue where you can experience a glimpse of that lifestyle which top 1% with 40% of all the world’s money have. And also a chance to see the coveted designer stuff up close..

McQueen knucklebox clutches Harrods

So I got to see some McQueen knucklebox clutches and they weren’t behind glass. Still a note on the table saying you can look but better not touch..
My fav is the one sitting in fishtank with the chestnuts. Looked it up later:
It also comes in black with gold hardware and in white with silver hardware

I’m pretty sure I’ll never have it, but still, adorable!

Chanel boy flap bags:
chanel boy flap bags yellow orange
Well, tbh I never really understood that whole Chanel flap bag cult.. afterall it’s just a black leather bag.. Sure, someone could argue it’s more than a bag it’s an iconic status symbol, or whatever. But the truth is, anyone could save up for a chanel if they were persistent enough. If you save $3 per day for 4.5 years, the medium bag could be yours and if you were going for a mini, it would be even sooner than that. But the bag won’t buy you the lifestyle it is associated with, so what’s the point of having that symbol without the status really. They’re pretty to look at, but I’m so glad I can easily imagine my life without one.


(apologies for the crappy cell phone pix)


And Balenciaga:

Didn’t care for it at first, but now I’m actually liking that metal edges look, especially on the black one.

balenciaga-minicity-metallicedge-pink zahahadid

Zaha Hadid Nova shoes (tho should’ve been called ‘suicide in a box’), Available from UnitedNude, priced $2000


And on the 5th flooor, there is a place they call ‘Shoe Heaven’

The autumn/winter McQueen collection was the highlight for me, loved pretty much everything

The favs:
Also loved these Giuseppe Zanotti wedge boots:

but all I got was irony..well, money in a bag:)

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