Messy Eclectic


Just a basic tshirt&jeans look

(Yep, it’s my first time using the curling wand, now get off my face:p)

eclectic1 eclectic4

What I’m wearing: Top: New Look, Jeans: Nobody, Shoes: Kurt Geiger ‘Debbie’, Jewelry: Bracelet with crystals – Juicy Couture, Asos Statement Articulated Ring, Bangles – Asos. Mint green wristband – no idea), Purse: forever21, flower: real deal.

My Tiffany & Co Diary

tiffanydiary6 tiffanydiary9

Yes, this notebook is identical to one of Gossip Girl Blair’s diaries (as seen in S05e24) and yes, I pretty much had been brainwashed by the show into getting one.


These journals came in 3 colors, tiffany blue, red and platinum, price tag – $175.
It was a pita to acquire though.. The official Tiffany site doesn’t ship internationally and even if you have a shipping address in US, they wouldn’t accept a non US-issued credit card.. And then it sold out. So at first I went for an alternative. I found the very identical notebooks by Graphic Image, they just came in different colors than Tiffany ones. Bought one in red with golden hardware for half the price of the tiffany journal, but in the end I still wasn’t completely satisfied..
So eventually I ended up hunting one down on ebay and now I am actually happy

tiffanydiary4 tiffanydiary5

Graphic Image vs Tiffany:


The difference is that Tiffany’s has slightly nicer quality hardware and more matte finish to the leather and obviously, it comes in nicer packaging. Stuff like measurements, paper etc is identical. I just like them both.