Copycat Disclosure


So I got this idea to recreate one of my favorite looks from Saint Laurent AW 2013 collection, but only with whatever I had in my closet already..


She wears it better and so I stand defeated..

leopardcoatfloraldress1 leopardcoatfloraldress3 leopardcoatfloraldress4 leopardcoatfloraldress5

Wearing: Miss Selfridge coat, floral dress: Yumi, Jeffrey Campbell boots, Balenciaga bag, Prada sunglasses

Summer Wishlist


1. Harness
Jakimac Harness (@NastyGal)
After a little bit of looking around, this one would be my first choice. Expensive, but rather classy, not one of those that makes people wonder what kinda things is the harness owner into. If only the dress was still available, as the two go together perfectly, but I just couldn’t find it anywhere.

Everyday Purse:

Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC
Is it too late to jump on the Morning After Clutch bandwagon? There is a line between classic and being played out and I’m still contemplating which category this bag falls under.
There aren’t any Rebecca Minkoff stores in London, (some department stores might carry the brand, but I’m yet to experience that first hand) so they’re not as wildly popular here, but I still spot them in the crowd every now and then..
The variety of colors is amazing though, so always have been tempted either way.

well, they don’t have to cost 300Euros, any similar half frame cateye styles would do

Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette
Yep, a bit late to this party. Vice 3 is sold out everywhere and at this time can be only purchased at inflated prices on ebay where there’s always a risk of getting a fake. Vice 4 doesn’t look as interesting to me..

Speaking of palettes..
Mac Navy Times Nine

I saw this palette in store recently and thought it was cute. Each eyeshadow is alot smaller than mac standard sized pot, but still, 9 colors for £25 seems like a good deal. Maybe not perfect for me personally, because I already own 3 shades from this one.. (Club, Black Tied and Copper Plate) but seems like the remaining 6 are exclusive to the palette

It’s not that I want new sandals, I actually *need* new sandals. I only have one pair which is in presentable condition and doesn’t give me blisters atm, so in desperate need of something more walkable.. My finds:

Ash Rocking
Ash Pearl

Jeffrey Campbell Clerval
Interesting, but a little excessive..+those zippers would probably cut into skin and hurt like hell

Jeffrey Campbell Nashua
Okay no lol

Regret missing out on these Jeffrey Campbells though

Jeffrey Campbell Kilacky

Bottle Episode

Some of the pictures from my phone from 2015. Exciting.

A selfie to commemorate the makeup I did for this look

From my trip to Brighton last spring

Obligatory hotel mirror selfie

Brighton Beach

Regents Park at sunrise. On my way to shoot some outfit photos obviously
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