Grey Cardigan


That moment when you arrive on location, pick a spot with good light, put a camera on a tripod, fire a testshot and then realise the intrvalometer is not connecting to the receiver, which means I can’t take any pictures without touching the camera. I then realized I did have a backup remote in my bag saved up just for the snafu moments like this one, but it was hardly functional. Working once per every 3 releases maybe.. so it’s quite astonishing that I don’t look like i’m about to murder someone on all of these pictures. Didn’t end up with too many shots to choose from though, so it is what it is…

longlinecardigan12 asoscardigan-bershkashorts2 greycardigan13 greycardigan1 greycardigan2 greycardigan14 greycardigan15 primrosehill23 primrosehillskyline

wearing: top and shorts: bershka, cardigan: ASOS, shoes: Ash, bag: Alexander Wang, necklace: Forever 21

Zebra Print Dress

zebradress2 zebradress1 zebradress3

Just having fun with a £3 H&M dress:) And yes what I did to my hair is plain horrible..can’t wait for it to grow back, guess two more weeks and it should be fine?


Wearing: H&M dress, jewellery: mostly TopShop, shoes: Schuh, sunglasses: ebay

Playing with Naked Smoky Palette

Naked Smoky

So I ended up getting Naked Smoky palette. At first I wasn’t sure if I really needed it, but I tried it out in store and decided that I probably do..

I won’t do swatches or anything, there must be a ton of them on all over the web already, so just a quick personal opinion here

naked smoky palette

Yep, I didnt get too adventurous with the makeup, it’s just a classic smoky eye.. I mostly used Slanted and Dagger . Whiskey on the lower lid, High on the brow bone


I have Naked 2 palette and to be honest I’m not using it as much as I thought I would. Long story short, most colors are too warm and metallic/shimmery for me, so the smoky one is much more up my alley.
As for the case, I do prefer the Naked 2 tin..I’m not sure if acrylic will look as fancy overtime, as it’s very prone to scratching, but it does still have an expensive feel about it with the magnetic closure and actual hinges


As for the eyeshadows, I’m not sure if the palette could stand completely on its own. It doesn’t have a pure matte black shadow which is kinda essential for the smoky eye look. Black Market is quite dark, but not the blackest black and it’s shimmery too, so not that great for eyeliner purposes.
Naked 2 and Naked Basics have just the most perfect matte blacks anyways, so personally I don’t mind that it’s not there.
And I also thought it could use some more dove grey / light brown shades, for the less dramatic look. So guess, Naked 2 Basics actually completes it rather perfectly.

I didn’t like Armor one at all, as it’s very glittery and the specks don’t stick too well, so it ends up being scattered all over my probably won’t use that one at all.
The warmer shades Dirtysweet and Radar also feel like something from Naked 2, so obviously wasn’t too thrilled with those two either, but aside from all that I’m loving it:)


The brush from Naked 2 vs Naked Smoky (Naked 2 one is flat shaped and the one from smoky is round)


Naked Smoky vs Naked 2 vs Naked 2 Basics vs Naked Basics


Where To Buy:


Naked Smoky: US | UK

Naked 2: US | UK

Naked Basics: US | UK

Naked 2 Basics: UK


longlinebikervest2 9livesbikervest

Wow these pictures got stuck on my cf card for a good two months while I was being busy disappearing into oblivion dealing with my inner demons…lol but now i guess it’s time to catch up with the backlog

So this look is on the experimental side for me, just wanted to put together something with a darker industrial vibe.. So I was wearing basic black shorts along with a top and an overlay mesh dress..actually looking forward to create more looks with it..
And I thought would be interesting to experiment with this long line biker vest..Got annoyed with the XS size that feels more like L..but good thing that I got it with ifchic coins (well, long story..)

ninelivesvestdress bikervestdress12 longlinebikervest5


to be kept locked shut.. why? what (or who?) are they hiding there damnit??

Wearing: Nine Lives Vest Dress, H&M mesh overlay dress, Forever 21 shorts, Topshop sunglasses, Alexander HiTek watch, Bershka top, Janet&Janet sneakers