longlinebikervest2 9livesbikervest

Wow these pictures got stuck on my cf card for a good two months while I was being busy disappearing into oblivion dealing with my inner demons…lol but now i guess it’s time to catch up with the backlog

So this look is on the experimental side for me, just wanted to put together something with a darker industrial vibe.. So I was wearing basic black shorts along with a top and an overlay mesh dress..actually looking forward to create more looks with it..
And I thought would be interesting to experiment with this long line biker vest..Got annoyed with the XS size that feels more like L..but good thing that I got it with ifchic coins (well, long story..)

ninelivesvestdress bikervestdress12 longlinebikervest5


to be kept locked shut.. why? what (or who?) are they hiding there damnit??

Wearing: Nine Lives Vest Dress, H&M mesh overlay dress, Forever 21 shorts, Topshop sunglasses, Alexander HiTek watch, Bershka top, Janet&Janet sneakers

Regent’s Park

Karen Millen Signature Biker jacket, snowleopard print dress, miista knee high boots
Queen Mary’s Gardens must be the most amazing part of the Regent’s Park, so I don’t know why it took me this long to go there with my camera..


This is a bit of a spring meets summer look, shot while the weather was still cool enough for tall boots

[i know my hair looks like i’m not even trying.. no matter what i do with it beforehand, whenever i get anywhere close to water, everything goes back to its original state of suck.]

regentspark_bridge karenmillenjacket_back snowleoparddress2 snowleoparddress3 regentspark234 kaosdress_miistaemiboots

not fat, just wearing two layers:p I didn’t have the right tshirt for the dress, so I just wore another dress under the leopard one..which added to the bulk clearly



swans.. looking rather judgy..

BT tower view from the rose gardens

regentspark_roses regentspark_gate regentspark_goose

Karen Millen Signature biker jacket (similar color here)
Kaos dresses
Miista ‘Emi’ boots
Forever21 necklaces

Sunglasses Haul


So recently I did something pretty dumb.. I got a bunch of sunglasses off ebay..
I thought I was getting a good deal, as I recognized a few models from Topshop, except they were much cheaper.. Topshop shades are around £14-17 and on ebay you can find them for something around $7-9..
So at first I felt stupid about overpaying at topshop.. but that only lasted until they arrived.. the build quality is pretty terrible on them all, though some of them are better than others..

the ones above I actually like, although they have a slight symmetry problem, like most of them anyways, but I really like how huge they are. The more of my face is covered up the better.


These are also a bit out there.. the shot in front of the window doesn’t do them justice though..

Love those blue lenses


These are a knockoff of Tom Ford ‘Nastasya’.
I’m generally against knockoffs and I actually really wanted them back in the day, but I couldn’t find them in any eu based store and besides they’re like $380.. which is way above my comfortable price range.. since sunglasses trends come and go really fast, I’m not sure if it’s wise to invest this much into one pair of sunglasses..
Oh and they are the shades that Miley Cyrus was wearing in one of her videos. Basically ruins them for me.

Anyways, as for the knockoff ones, somehow they just don’t sit well on my face, which is weird because most cat eye models will look good on me. So at the end of the day, I’m glad I didn’t get them.


And these are just the worst.. frame is very flimsy and not as big as I was hoping.. the sellers just use random bloggers’ pictures in their listings which may or may not represent the exact model they’re selling.
+ on top of it all, one of the lenses is noticeably smaller than the other.. fabulous.

lol.. I’m looking for glasses frames that wouldn’t look embarrassing on me, but these ones aren’t them.


These ones are from River Island. I’ve never had white frame shades before, so decided to try out something new..


And these are just really cute (Cat Eye shades from Asos)

Balenciaga Mini City Bag in Black Review


This is my second Balenciaga bag. Got it at Harrods during their 10% Rewards event. Since these bags very rarely (but more like never) go on sale, getting one with a 10% off was at least something. Also its UK price going down by £40 this year was an additional excuse to get it:)


I also have a Mini City in ‘Rouge Cardinal’ (you can find my first impressions post here) and I just loved this bag so much I had to have it in two colors.


Red looks amazing and I still love it.. but sometimes it feels almost like you have to style your whole look around it. And with black, the color clashing dilema hardly ever happens.


Also, once I held the black one in hand, it actually had quite a different feel to it. First, it’s the obvious glossy leather finish with more apparent wrinkles and it seems like my red bag has sturdier/thicker leather, whereas the black one is softer and smooshier. So they may look alike, but at least to me they feel very different…

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Tower Bridge

ladyjuliet_towerbridge ladyjuliet_karenmillenjacket ladyjuliet_towerbridge2

I love this place because you get to see so many awesome things at once.. the iconic Tower Bridge itself, Tower of London, The City Hall and some of the London’s tallest skyscrapers..

karen millen maroon jacket, balenciaga mini city, tommy hilfiger jeans, jeffrey campbell boots

Wearing casual biker jacket & skinny jeans with maybe a bit less casual boots and my new Balenciaga mini city bag which must be my favorite bag of the moment, or even ever:)

karen millen biker jacket, jeffrey campbell platforms, tommy hilfiger skinny jeans

Got lucky to get these semidecent shots before I got exhaled by security all the way onto the grass like two meters to the right from where I had been shooting. Sheesh.

tower bridge

Tower Bridge London

The camera decided not to focus on me, but I kinda like this shot anyways..

Balenciaga Mini City Black jeffreycampbell_ballistic towerbridge_london towerbridge_london2


Karen Millen Signature Biker Jacket
Mine is sold out, but same style in a very similar color here or other color options here

Balenciaga Mini City bag in black:

Jeffrey Campbell ‘Ballistic’ Platforms, Tommy Hilfiger Jeans, Bershka Top, Forever 21 Necklace, H&M ring