April Randomness Post


Last month has been busy, stressful, whatever.. But I managed to do a bit of fun stuff in between..
So I got to visit Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition in Victoria and Albert museum, which was just an incredible experience.
Photography was not allowed so all I brought home with me were crappy candidly shot cell phone pix, which don’t even remotely do it all justice.. you just have to see it all in person. If it wasn’t for the fuss of having to book the tickets way in advance, I’d love to go again.
So if you’re in London between now and August 2, this is a must see. Here are a few of my crappy cell phone pictures anyways


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It’s not Me, it’s You

It's not me, it's you river island top, jeffrey campbell shoop red shoes
If I had to describe my personality in five words, that probably would be it.. love this top!
River island its not me its you top

Also wearing Jeffrey Campbell ‘Shoop’ platforms which I have a love hate relationship with, but I wrote about that earlier. And one of my Alexander HiTek watches, this one I thought would go well with the rectangular patch on the top.

studdedpurse notmeyou2 ladyjuliet-ahitekwatch jeffreycampbell-shoopshoes1

Wearing: Top and ring: River Island, Jeffrey Campbell ‘Shoop’ shoes, leggings: ebay, studded purse: Steve Madden, watch: Alexander HiTek

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This one wasn’t really about making a fashion statement, tbh i just wanted to have some decent pictures with Big Ben in the background:)
Can’t say I managed to get the shot I wanted, as there was not a single photo where everything would be perfect.
Wind kept messing up my hair and not in a pretty way and my camera was being stupid and many pictures came out

This was my first time taking outfit shots in such a touristy location, which was tad intimidating, so alot of time I looked either lost or pissed off about last batch of pics being out of focus..
Excuses, excuses.

So here are some that turned out okay with help of lots of postprocessing.

ladyjuliet_bigben_westminster Karen Millen biker jacket, Alexander Wang Jill boots Karen Millen leather jacket ladyjuliet_bikerjacket1

I’m wearing one of my Karen Millen jackets, which might be my favorite.. It looks simply gooorgeous, just one downside is that the leather is so stiff that it feels like wearing a corset sometimes, probably the reason why it got discounted so much. So maybe it’s a good thing afterall, because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to afford it.

ladyjuliet_karenmillen_bikerfurjacket karenmillen-bag

this purse has seen better days, i just wear it alot, since it’s a perfect combo of edgy and elegant and goes with pretty much anything

Alexander Wang Jill cutouts


Wearing: jacket and purse: Karen Millen, jeans: Rock&Republic, shoes: Alexander Wang ‘Jill’

London Eye

westminster23 Palace of Westminster Big Ben
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Alexander McQueen Chestnut Knucklebox Clutch


I couldn’t just not take any closeups of this clutch, it’s so damn beautiful:

mcqueenchestnut-gold-clutch mcqueenchestnutknuckleboxclutch alexander mcqueen chestnut knuckleduster clutch mcqueen chestnuts mcqueen purple clutch

Its metal parts come somewhat distressed, many McQueen clutches feature this finish.. but it doesn’t really make the clutch look preowned, because the leather is pristine. For some reason I thought it would be hardshelled, but actually the case is padded. The snakeskin leather is also more delicate than it seems. The clutch doesn’t have any inside pockets. As mentioned in previous post, the biggest letdown was that it weighs about 800g which is comparable to the weight of an older generaion ipad. Just too heavy for a clutch of this size.. it also seemed like the knuckleduster part is heavier than the clutch itself..which felt rather off to me.
The clutch is made in Italy, they usually come with a dustbag, some paperwork and a leather sample.

mcqueen-snakeskinclutch alexander mcqueen purple snakeskin clutch

(Window)Shop McQueen Clutches:

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Lavender Fix

Karen Millen purple dress, Alexander McQueen chestnut clutch Karen Millen Lilac Dress, Mcqueen knuckle duster clutch

I’m kinda obsessed with McQueen knuckle box clutches. If I were rich, I’d have a huge collection of those, but as for now they are way out of my price range..
I don’t usually practice this type of thing, but I ordered it just to to be able to hold it in my hands and look at it, maybe take a picture..(or 500 lol) But to be honest, once I got it, I wasn’t too tempted to keep it because it was just way too heavy. It wasn’t even the clutch itself, but the knuckleduster and chestnuts part which was so weighty that it made the clutch pretty difficult/uncomfortable to handle. Sure thing, I could be admiring it forever, but I just knew I wouldn’t really enjoy actually walking around with it.

alexander-mcqueen-chestnutclutch kmlilacdress

(Also wearing a silk Karen Millen dress that I found on ebay for a couple of pounds:p)


mcqueen-chestnut-purpleclutch mcqueen-knucklebox-clutch
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