Primrose Hill

bebe fringe dress dreamcatcher 2

Even though I’ve been playing around with photography for years, I actually have almost zero experience working outdoors.. I was pretty content with just taking selfportraits in a small home studio, but since I’ve moved to London, it became more and more tempting to go outside for pics because there were some gorgeous locations I was missing out on.
I do wish I had a sidekick who’d be able to take hundreds of properly composed photos of my outfits.. but since it’s not the case, I had to do it all by myself.
I know it’s not a big deal and all lookbookers do it, but I was actually terrified to do it for the first time.
I was paranoid someone would steal my camera or that ppl would stare or make dumb comments or that park patrol tells me to get the f outta there because the whole commercial/personal photography is a bit of a grey area (for some ‘tripod’ equals ‘commercial’ for which you have to buy a license for if you want to shoot in certain parts of the city)
So yeah, it took me a while to gather enough courage to do it..

So I decided to go to Primrose hill, which is a gorgeous place, especially for creative photography purposes.
Last time I was there on a Saturday noon and the place was just full, way too many people to even breathe.
So I thought that maybe if I go there very early on a Sunday morning it wouldn’t be as crowded. So when I got there at 7.20am, the park wasn’t completely empty, but at least people who were there were mostly joggers and dog walkers. I knew the premium spot on the top of the hill would be occupied, and screams of drunks yelling random songs from somewhere up high pretty much confirmed that theory, so I found a nice spot somewhere in between the trees. Even though there have been some occasional non-intrusive passers by, on most part it felt like I had the whole place to myself which was exactly what I wanted and I actually had fun taking the pics.. Sure, alot of it came out really awkward because I was still felt pretty anxious, but I’m just happy I finally did it:)

bebe fringe dress, ash penelope bebe dreamcatcher 2 fringe dress, primrose hill

So about the outfit, I’m wearing Bebe dress that I got during the memorial day sale. It’s almost too colorful for me, but for some reason I actually loved the chaotic pattern and color scheme. Also wearing Ash sandals that I love to hate (got them for walking, but straps and buckles are in a very uncomfortable place, but still hoping to break them in..they cost too much to not wear them.)

bebe dreamcatcher 2 print bebe dress, ash penelope, primrose hill ash penelope sandals, bebe fringe dress bebe-dreamcatcher2print

View from the top of the hill:)

primrose hill view

Wearing: dress: bebe printed fringe dress in Dreamcatcher 2, sandals: Ash ‘Penelope’, bag and bracelet: Juicy Couture, vest: Horace, sunglasses: Jeepers Peepers

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