Rebecca Minkoff ‘5 Zip’ Mini Crossbody Bag Review

rebecca minkoff 5zip mini crossbody in mint
I’ve always wanted a bag in mint green and I’ve been considering Rebecca Minkoff 5 zip minis for a once I came across one in ‘mint’ with an outlet price tag, I thought I shouldn’t pass the oportunity up:)
rebecca minkoff 5zip bag in mint green
The color is very close to the ‘classic’ mint green shade. Although in some pictures this purse appears to have a pretty intense aqua color, in person it doesn’t look too saturated. But still, it’s not a subdued ‘nearly grey’ shade of mint either..
rebecca minkoff zippers + call me vincent card
Tbh I’m not sure if it lives up to its original price tag of $195. It definitely doesn’t look ‘cheap’, but I wouldn’t say it has a feel of extreme luxury about it either and with the amount of hype surrounding Rebecca Minkoff bags, you sort of expect something really extra special.
But I didn’t pay full price, so I don’t feel ripped off at all. I love all the chunky hardware and tasseled zippers and the studded leather /chain strap.

rebecca minkoff 5zip bag studded strap rebecca-minkoff-5zip-bag-bottom

The chain part on both sides can be doubled up to make the strap shorter, but I’m not a fan of how it looks, besides I think its default length is perfect already.

One thing I don’t like is that the zipper lining color is not a 100% match to the leather, zippers are more baby blue rather than green.

And it’s a bit weird how they are called ‘5 zip’ while some of these bags don’t have a pocket in the back, and mine is just like that. So technically it’s a 4 zipper bag really.

Only one of the three exterior pockets is actually functional, which once again can vary across the bags, some ‘5 Zip’s might come with two useable pockets.


And it also comes with dustbag matching the bag lining:


Where to buy:

As of now, these get more harder to come by, though not discontinued completely.
Try looking under ‘Handbags’ on the official RM site.

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