Rebecca Minkoff Hot Red ‘Elle’ Mini Bag Review


I already had a Scarlet Elle bag with gold hardware once, but I wasn’t bonding with it.. Mostly because of my expectations vs the actual bag coloring. So when Rebecca Minkoff came out with a silver hardware version, I decided to try for it again. And I have to say I do like the ‘Hot Red’ version of Elle much better.

Rebecca Minkoff Elle mini bag

The main color is as intense, but the hue is cooler toned comparing to the first bag which was warmer, more orangish red. It is not the neon type of color that literally hurts your eyes when you look at it, but it’s still striking enough.


The closure is something I preferred in the first bag though.. It’s finished with a piece of leather glued to the buckle.. I guess it’s only a matter of time until the leather begins to peel / gets damaged. Should’ve been finished with something more durable.


It is lined with dull black fabric, inside there is just one zipperless compartment.


And there is a zippered pocket in the back:

On the sides there are working zippers which extend the purse
Hot red elle bag rebecca minkoff

Detachable tag with Rebecca Minkoff logo:
Rebecca Minkoff Elle tag

The strap length is adjustable:

Metal feet at the bottom:

I can’t seem to shake off the feeling that it’s more bulky and oversized than it should be, but again I’m a fan of smaller sized purses. Obviously, if you zip up the zippers on the sides it will appear smaller, but that would make the purse look kinda squished, so I have a feeling the zippers are mostly decorative rather than practical.

Another thing I don’t really like is how heavy it is.. It weighs almost 0.8kg (1.76pounds) when it’s empty. But guess it’s only logical if you want all that cool extra stuff like studs, chunky hardware and zipper tassels, you have to carry it around as well.

The construction of the bag feels very sturdy, I like bags which look the same when they are full and when they are empty.. the front side might get bent a bit if you store it empty for a while..but it’s still not the soft leather type bag which loses its shape way too easily

rebecca minkoff hot red elle bag silver hardware rebeccaminkoff-elle-hotred-silver-hardware3

The bag retails for $395, which I think is a bit on the overpriced side.. its sale/secondary market price anywhere between $100-250 feels just about right when it comes to quality and just overall feel to it.

The color options from the same collection with identical style and hardware:
Hot Red, Black, White, Acid Yellow, Nude and Pale Pink

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