Regent’s Park

Karen Millen Signature Biker jacket, snowleopard print dress, miista knee high boots
Queen Mary’s Gardens must be the most amazing part of the Regent’s Park, so I don’t know why it took me this long to go there with my camera..


This is a bit of a spring meets summer look, shot while the weather was still cool enough for tall boots

[i know my hair looks like i’m not even trying.. no matter what i do with it beforehand, whenever i get anywhere close to water, everything goes back to its original state of suck.]

regentspark_bridge karenmillenjacket_back snowleoparddress2 snowleoparddress3 regentspark234 kaosdress_miistaemiboots

not fat, just wearing two layers:p I didn’t have the right tshirt for the dress, so I just wore another dress under the leopard one..which added to the bulk clearly



swans.. looking rather judgy..

BT tower view from the rose gardens

regentspark_roses regentspark_gate regentspark_goose

Karen Millen Signature biker jacket (similar color here)
Kaos dresses
Miista ‘Emi’ boots
Forever21 necklaces

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