Review: Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. Bag in Latte

Prior to getting a Mini MAC (a.k.a Morning After Clutch) I already had a 5 Zip Mini, so the big question for me was whether I actually *needed* such a similar purse to one I had already owned. Both bags have exact same dimensions and aesthetic elements (identical strap, tassels etc).
So to counterweigh the similarity, I went for completely different colors of both leather and hardware.

I’ve had it for over a year and it’s my everyday ‘run errands’ type of purse.

The front pocket is opened by a spring hook followed by a zipper, so it’s not the most practical for frequent closing/opening. (Have a hard time doing it with one hand), so in my case it’s rarely ever used.

The strap is removable, so the bag can be transformed into a clutch, you can also make the strap shorter by doubling it up.

RM also has more elaborate ‘Guitar’ straps available if you wanted to jazz up your bag a bit.

It comes with a dust bag and extra tassels which is quite handy (I already lost two).

Inches: 9 x 6.5 x 2, in cm: 23cm x 16cm x 4.5cm

The size is on the small side.
The zipper doesn’t go across the whole length of the bag, so that makes its options even more limiting..

It will fit A6 but not A5 size.

Of course you can stuff it up with wider things as it’s not a hard shell type of bag per se, but keep in mind that in the long run overstuffing it might cause the leather to stretch out and go out of shape (just do a search for second hand MAC purses on ebay and see).

So it’s a perfect bag for when you’re not carrying around too much, just your phone and a couple of other small things.

It feels pretty lightweight, but the metal chain strap definitely adds up to it.
Weight of my purse: about 500 grams

I find the leather on this bag quite a bit sturdier comparing to my mint green 5 zip mini, which is an upside for me. The leather also doesn’t rub off as easily.

The color ‘Latte’ looks a lot more pink on some pictures than it really is. In reality it’s something between beige and blush pink.. kind of a neutral color which goes well with most things.

The hardware is nice and black. The only complaint is that the zipper itself is silver.

The retail tag is $195 and their sale price is typically $99-$131 or sometimes less, so it’s definitely worth a wait.
Black bags with non funky hardware colors are typically harder to find at discount prices though.

The official site: RebeccaMinkoff
If you’re outside US, I would still recommend the official site. In UK there aren’t many retailers that carry the brand, some that do are way overpriced (imo)
At RM site you just pay taxes at checkout and it arrives rather quickly via courier.

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