Sunglasses Haul


So recently I did something pretty dumb.. I got a bunch of sunglasses off ebay..
I thought I was getting a good deal, as I recognized a few models from Topshop, except they were much cheaper.. Topshop shades are around £14-17 and on ebay you can find them for something around $7-9..
So at first I felt stupid about overpaying at topshop.. but that only lasted until they arrived.. the build quality is pretty terrible on them all, though some of them are better than others..

the ones above I actually like, although they have a slight symmetry problem, like most of them anyways, but I really like how huge they are. The more of my face is covered up the better.


These are also a bit out there.. the shot in front of the window doesn’t do them justice though..

Love those blue lenses


These are a knockoff of Tom Ford ‘Nastasya’.
I’m generally against knockoffs and I actually really wanted them back in the day, but I couldn’t find them in any eu based store and besides they’re like $380.. which is way above my comfortable price range.. since sunglasses trends come and go really fast, I’m not sure if it’s wise to invest this much into one pair of sunglasses..
Oh and they are the shades that Miley Cyrus was wearing in one of her videos. Basically ruins them for me.

Anyways, as for the knockoff ones, somehow they just don’t sit well on my face, which is weird because most cat eye models will look good on me. So at the end of the day, I’m glad I didn’t get them.


And these are just the worst.. frame is very flimsy and not as big as I was hoping.. the sellers just use random bloggers’ pictures in their listings which may or may not represent the exact model they’re selling.
+ on top of it all, one of the lenses is noticeably smaller than the other.. fabulous.

lol.. I’m looking for glasses frames that wouldn’t look embarrassing on me, but these ones aren’t them.


These ones are from River Island. I’ve never had white frame shades before, so decided to try out something new..


And these are just really cute (Cat Eye shades from Asos)

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  • Wow, beautiful sunglasses 🙂

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